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SmartSim Solutions is a supplier of NFC SIM CARDS and customized ANTENNA BRIDGE technology that make it possible for mobile handsets to be fully NFC-ENABLED BY SIM SWAP IN 60 SECONDS!

Ever since the global market realized that handsets can be used to perform contact-less smart card type transactions such as bank card payments etc, the biggest challenge was to find the most cost effective and seamless manner to introduce the technology.

To overcome this challenge Sim Cards had been identified due to advantages such as security, flexibility, low cost, seamless roll out etc, but a multitude of technical realities such as battery shielding, and antenna size constraints made it near impossible to achieve.

However, with recent improvements of NFC radio chips that include FRONT END BOOSTING technology, NFC Sim Cards are now capable of transmission in Card Emulation mode (90% handsets) at ranges of between 1 and 4cm - EVEN WHEN UNDER A HANDSET BATTERY!

Example of NFC-enabled Handset performing in Card Emulation Mode

Added Value

Even though a major milestone was achieved through the improvement of performance through the inclusion of FRONT END BOOSTING methods, significant additional value can be enjoyed through the addition of our patented ANTENNA BRIDGING technology.


The Antenna Bridge (attached to a handset battery as a sticker) further boosts the performance of NFC Sim Cards by more than 10x times which equates to a 10cm+ range improvement, including significantly better sensitivity and user experience.


Most importantly this improved performance now allow NFC Sim Cards the ability to perform reliable P2P (handset to handset) transactions to significantly expand current use cases / income stream potential within given markets - A WORLD FIRST FOR NFC SIM CARDS!



Example of NFC Sim Card (with internal antenna)


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